In a world where many companies opt for conventional redesigns, there are few brave ones that venture into the avant-garde, breaking molds and adding unexpected visual elements. Such is the case of Kfzteile24, a vibrant Berlin-based company specializing in automotive spare parts and accessories that has taken a creative turn in its brand.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating on this project, contributing my love for visual aesthetics and storytelling through imagery, always mindful of your Brand guidelines for the creation of graphic elements.

Illustration kit

KFzteile24 needed its own image source to create scenes for its communications. That’s why their first choice was to create an illustration kit where resources are designed to be interchangeable or combinable in a modular way, allowing them to internally craft a narrative.

4 Characters

With various body and limb poses, a simple modular system was created in Illustrator, combined with three types of clothing, different angles of the character’s head and accessories.




side car

front car





Bonus track

Alongside the modular kit, designed as the foundation for crafting customized scenes, additional essential resources were identified and established to achieve the complete visual transformation of their product.

Extra icons

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new logo

order success