T-shirt compilation

It’s not a secret that one of my passions is designing t-shirts (being able to invest as much time as I want into it is another thing). Here, I’ve put together a collection of my favorite designs, some of which are from years ago and hold a special place in my heart. Warning: highly geeky content!

Stay strong

This design was originally created as a proposal for the roller derby club, La Güestia, but ended up becoming a statement piece for the strength of women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Friends of Mars

The art in this movie, and specifically this character, fascinates me: this was the first fan art of many attempts that I still have to make with these wonderful Martians.

The coolest King

In the last seasons of one of the best series of recent years, this character took on a more prominent role than ever before. For some reason, every time he appeared on screen, I could only think of this mixture of concepts.

Ice, ice baby!

MCU Rangers

To promote the new notebooks from RIPT Apparel, they launched a proposal for artists to create designs based on existing comic book covers. A good opportunity to bring back the Rangers…

Mean Team

Space Jam has always been one of my favorite animated movies, and I’ve always been a fan of these bad guys who easily get pumped up, so I couldn’t resist having this design.