UI for Babies

This project involves designing two experiences for a famous food brand, for the care and advice for parents with young children area. Due to the absence of any illustration resources in the style guidelines, it became essential to incorporate artistic pieces with a playful and childlike style. This helped to create a storytelling experience that would engage parents rather than focus on children.

Sign up form

For the user registration process, the platform had a standard form with fields to fill out.

An idea was proposed: the creation of a multistep form, illustrating each phase of the process, creating a mobile version in which the user would hardly have to scroll.

All the necessary fields and functionality of the form were kept, only modifying the frontend style.

As a color palette, we use the corporate colors and gradations of them, to achieve a pastel tone colors in line with the platform’s children’s theme.

Besides, two extra screens were designed:
– The original form had a plugin implemented with standard icons to rate the registration process, so a screen was madre in accordance with the new designed version.

– The registration was only valid for users within the Spanish territory, but a screen was added for the case of foreign residents in order to collect data from people from other countries who were interested in the Spanish headquarters.

It was proved that a multistep form is more effective tan the original version, because we had this fantastic results:

Original - 10,6%
New form - 15,9%

Also, because of the automatic confirmation of form fields, the original error pop-ups were eliminated. managing to prevent certain users from abandoning the process.


Affinity pop-up

Based on several provided audience segments, different pop-up modules were created, encouraging the visit to different pages of the brand to motivate the purchase of products according to their affinities.

So, three illustrations were created for each audience: