Love from Asgard

What happens when two friends who are comic book and superhero universe lovers, fall in love and decide to organize a wedding?
Okay, we got it: we need wedding elements that fulfill the traditional requirements, but incorporating personal details of the couple and recognizable elements from the world of Thor and Viking culture.
Let’s do this!

The ideas

After having clear the references that should appear, three different ideas were presented, each in a different style. Variety it is the taste!
The couple quickly decided that they wanted their engagement items to be included in their wedding invitation.

Testing colors

With the base design approved, different possibilities were considered to define the colors of the invitations. This is a key step, as this choice will define all subsequent resources.

The wedding invitation

Finally, the design was created using a limited color palette, where blue predominates (representing fidelity and serenity) and yellow is used for contrasting details.

The invitation is printed on both sides, has a matte laminate finish, and a UV varnish layer that makes it a premium product. Additionally, for delivery to guests, it is placed in a pearly golden envelope sealed with the main logo of the event.

The Wedding

For the big day, we had the pleasure of creating several personalized elements for an unforgettable wedding. From the seating chart to the table numbers and menus, we worked closely with the couple to capture their style and personality in every detail.


This time it’s the Asgardian guardian (with the Bifrost in the background) who takes care of the guests on the seating chart. A 140 cm high assembly to quickly grab the attention of the guests.


Representative icons of several MCU superheroes were used for the table numbers on the place cards for the waiters, which are essential for the restaurant’s waitstaff.


As a last detail, the table menus were also customized, using the wedding logo and different superhero icons, adapted to the venue’s template.