Divisadero Rangers is an exciting HR project that uses an innovative and gamified approach to the employee referral program based on an exciting Western universe.

The goal of the game is to incentivize employees to make high quality referrals and contribute to the success of the company. As employees make referrals and new hires progress through stages in the hiring process and their careers within the company, they earn points and level up in the game, allowing them to unlock exclusive rewards and benefits.

In addition to being a fun way to participate in the referral process, Divisadero Rangers is also an effective HR tool for identifying and hiring top talent. By encouraging employee participation and gamifying the referral process, the company can ensure that it is hiring the best talent and keeping its team motivated and engaged.

The program created three different levels, each represented by a character with a different cowboy rank. Initially, a futuristic touch was sought for the project in line with the company’s technological concept. However, after discarding several ideas, humor and the western theme were chosen to create characters with great sympathy among the participants.

With the graphic resources, different merchandise pieces were created as rewards for the levels, creating a healthy competition among colleagues. The program was a real success, achieving great involvement from employees and a great benefit for the company.