UI for Babies

UI for Babies This project involves designing two experiences for a famous food brand, for the care and advice for parents with young children area. Due to the absence of any illustration resources in the style guidelines, it became essential to incorporate artistic pieces with a playful and childlike style. This helped to create a […]

Cats Attacks

back to all Cats Attacks Salem is Nuri’s cat, and this start as a custom ink illustration gift for her. But, suddenly, after many changes over the head and the body, I want to convert it into a Tee design, so here we are.  You can buy this tee on Threadless,  Teepublic and Redbubble.

Social Addicts

back to all Social addicts Do you need social media to survive?   Do people around you spend so much time and effort to social media that it impairs other important life areas?   So, this is my proposal to one of Motion Markus’ challenges, this one about social addiction. Obviously inspired by Gravity Falls […]

The Alphobiat

back to all 36 Days of Type edition (actually, it is 26 days of type because there’s no numbers). This Alphobiat is a collection about weird and familiar phobias that already exist, even if you can’t believe it. Enjoy it and don’t be afraid!

T-shirt compilation

T-shirt compilation It’s not a secret that one of my passions is designing t-shirts (being able to invest as much time as I want into it is another thing). Here, I’ve put together a collection of my favorite designs, some of which are from years ago and hold a special place in my heart. Warning: […]

Divisadero Rangers

Divisadero Rangers is an exciting HR project that uses an innovative and gamified approach to the employee referral program based on an exciting Western universe. The goal of the game is to incentivize employees to make high quality referrals and contribute to the success of the company. As employees make referrals and new hires progress […]