Are you a cat person? Would you welcome any cat you meet into your home? If it were up to you, would you leave your house so that even more cats could come in? In some parallel universe,  Catemon is the great adventure to become the ultimate Cat Master of all time and collect (and […]

Science Card Game

We introduce you to the Spanish History of Science, where knowledge blends with fun in a unique and exciting card game! I had the enormous privilege of bringing to life this scientific adventure that invites players of all ages to chronologically order and immerse themselves in the great milestones, events, and geniuses that have shaped […]


In a world where many companies opt for conventional redesigns, there are few brave ones that venture into the avant-garde, breaking molds and adding unexpected visual elements. Such is the case of Kfzteile24, a vibrant Berlin-based company specializing in automotive spare parts and accessories that has taken a creative turn in its brand. I have […]