Love from Asgard​

back to all Love from Asgard What happens when two friends who are comic book and superhero universe lovers, fall in love and decide to organize a wedding? Okay, we got it: we need wedding elements that fulfill the traditional requirements, but incorporating personal details of the couple and recognizable elements from the world of Thor […]

La Caja de Sidra

back to all As a new monthly subscription boxes in Spain, La Caja sends variety of products directly of the Asturian gastronomy with Cider as main character, the most important (refreshing apple-based) drink in the region.  This project was about Brand ideation and construction, develop Visual Marketing, Look&Feel and its consistency through the different media: […]

Lingokids I

back to all Lingokids Working for Lingokids means a breath of fresh air and fun. I have worked with the Lingokids Studios (production factory that delivers online content)  creating final art pieces such as backgrounds, props, secondary characters, and various visual resources.  It’s all about finding visual solutions for all sorts of scenes that are […]


Pokayoke was our 2022 studio project, made up of two profiles with complementary skills: creative & tech. THE FOUNDERS We used our avatars for every profile picture we had: google workspace, Discord, presentations…  We thought this was a funny way to introduce ourselves and communicate our  sense of initiative and good vibes. this is the […]


back to all Brand redesign and product developing of this business spending solution, creating a microworld which represents and communicates processes and values through corporate illustrations. Also, creation of new iconography, in line with its new style and new style guidelines. We have develop an entire redesign, integrating everything into their product, (app, web manager and […]

Divisadero Rangers

Divisadero Rangers is an exciting HR project that uses an innovative and gamified approach to the employee referral program based on an exciting Western universe. The goal of the game is to incentivize employees to make high quality referrals and contribute to the success of the company. As employees make referrals and new hires progress […]